COLORCLOUDSTUDIO is a multidisciplinary studio setup in 2010. The Studio is based in Aarhus, Denmark, but looks at the whole world as its working platform and market.
The studio is founded and led by Tommy Bruun, Master in Architecture from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 1998.
Based on 15 years of experience and results in innovative architectural concept development in all scales and global contexts, COLORCLOUDSTUDIO offers a strong
platform for new ideas to be developed, produced, manufactured, build and used. We operate within the fields of architectural development, urban planning, design, research and strategic thinking.
The constant interest and curiosity in how we, by strategic thinking, programming and conscious design, can shape, improve and develop our living environment, is the main driver in our work.


The CLOUD is a dynamic phenomenon - given by specific conditions. It`s a part of the creation of life - of being.
The CLOUD is a part of our ECO-system. It takes shape of its context, reflects sunlight in a wide spectrum of COLOR and creates - by its presence, a space of imagination.                              
We believe in everyday life, and want to contribute to solve everyday challenges – in every scale and context.
Through an understanding of economical, social, political and cultural behavior, we create wise and open minded processes, in all phases, seeking to condense the intentions
and needs of the client to a physical presence.
We acknowledge the fact that the world is connected – borders only lines in the landscape. We build for communities, people and democracy.
Our projects are shaped in relation to what we call the ARCHITECTURAL ALMANAC - specific conditions and parameters on site, which enriches our build environment.
COLORCLOUDSTUDIO wants to condense the imagined to the build, and make the build the imagined.”


Our approach to the creative development is founded in the understanding of architecture as being a tool of expression.
A manifestation of time and space. By research and investigations into the programmatic conditions we start to develop models – tools for qualifying the process and decisions.
COLORCLOUDSTUDIO has developed a PROCESSLOG - a communication tool, in which all important material, throughout the process in the period of developing, are being collected.
This tool communicates the ongoing process to the client and makes the line of decisions visible and qualifying.
COLORCLOUDSTUDIO draws on a network of expertise, organized through years of collaborating in an interdisciplinary field.