Minimum material – maximum effect. The transformation of an old ferry. From being a transporter of vehicles from one point to another the ferry will in the future become a floating platform for culture activities in Limfjorden, the dividing sea of Jutland. The lightweight tensile structure will create a covered area for multiple activities such as theatre, lectures, excursions, teaching ect. The membrane will be coated to absorb and condence the natural light of Limfjorden. For safetyreasons the structure should be easy to handle and remove with simple tools. The ferry will periodically be used for normale transportation. A unique seating unit will be developed for the project. The realization of the culture ferry is supported by Den A.P. Møllerske Støttefond – Ministeriet for By, Bolig og landdistrikter, Landdistrikstpuljen for småøer and others.