The CLOUD is a dynamic phenomenon – given by specific conditions. It`s a part of the creation of life – of being. The CLOUD is a vital contributor to our ecological cycle. It takes shape of its context, reflects sunlight in a wide spectrum of COLOR and creates – by its presence, a space of IMAGINATION. IMAGINATION is the main driver for bringing new visions to our living environment. The new Guggenheim Cloud in Helsinki wants to contribute to this evolution. The Cloud places itself as a floating element parallel to the quay. Like a terminal building the Guggenheim Cloud functions like a hinge between different locations and urban circulations. Ramps connecting different levels in the context functions like extended pedestrian routs, allowing people to enter and use the building in different ways and at different hours. The Guggenheim cloud is caracterized by three layers of space; the open, flexible and public space underneath the cloud – the exhibition platform inside the cloud and the cloudscape on top.