The new school of architecture wants to emphasize the potential of the landscape and the excisting urban fabric. It wants to be a natural contributor to the living environment at the Godsbanen. By its position towards the railway, it wants to frame the site and be part of the urban and dense neighborhood. The main building have the dimension as the exhibition hall at Godsba­nen, allowing the green corridor to be a part of the open and covered outdoor area/passage to Godsbanen, framed by the listed buildings to the northwest. Different building elements creating different atmospheres, behaviou­rs, site related interaction. The campus area contains all scales of our build environment. From the human related tools to urban and landscape structures. The campus area and the build environment should be considered as a testing platform to explore structure, material, environment, behavi­our,craftsmanship. The diversity of spaces, atmospheres and platforms supports this agenda. The main building consists of 15 double high shelves on which the different studios will build their own environment – for each fifth year the studio will transform their environment and reuse the excisting material.